Take pride in what you do and let the quality of your work be your signature

Welcome to the world of unique handcrafted jewelry Saigon Spring. In our on-line shop you can buy one of a kind, exclusive, modern and affordable pieces of jewelry for every occasion. With Saigon Spring jewelry you will look divine and you will enjoy the art of craftsmanship while wearing it. Hopefully you will find something for yourself or maybe surprise someone with a special gift. Our mission is to create unique and recognizable jewelry which will make women happy worldwide.
Saigon Spring Jewelry was growing from an idea to become a small empire of quality and aesthetically perfect masterpieces that hand craft from natural materials. Stone by stone, horn by horn, we have made fantastic jewelry which attracts attention. We have specialized for creating statement jewelry which is an absolute world trend. Each day, we make women happy in the USA, Europe, VN, Hong Kong...
Our team of fully committed, talented crafters continuously works on making new ideas and skillfully implementing them in to unique pieces of jewelry. Our greatest accomplishments are our buyers, which are always back with a smile.
Saigon Spring Jewelry items have been carried to many countries, and have been on display at University Of Michigan Museum Of Art.
Every production of Saigon Spring Jewelry, is the expression of our adventure.